380 x 435 mm - 100 Bubble Bags

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These bubble pouches are great for protecting your product through the post / courier, whilst saving money compared to a normal paper lined Jiffy envelope.

They are lightweight and economical to post and come with a self seal strip so can be sealed. Best they save you a considerable amount of time compared to cutting and taping pieces of bubble wrap especially for small items! 

These bubble bags are available in the following sizes:

  • 100mm x 135mm - Boxed 800's
  • 130mm x 180mm - Boxed 500's
  • 180mm x 230mm - Boxed 300's
  • 230mm x 280mm - Boxed 300's
  • 280mm x 360mm - Boxed 200's
  • 305mm x 435mm - Boxed 150's
  • 380mm x 435mm - Boxed 100's

They are also available in pink anti static versions and bespoke sizes.

Brand Jiffy
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