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1000mm Foam Protective Rolls

* Price excludes VAT

  • This price is for 1 roll of 1000mm wide Foam Protective Roll.
  • They are  manufactured from "closed cell" polythene, this strong non-abrasive closed cell foams are ideal for protecting delicate items and preventing scratching of polished surfaces.
  • The foam is CFC free, giving environmentally friendly protection. 
  • The best product to separate dishes and other fragile items when shipping or storing. 
  • The lightweight nature of foam helps lower carriage costs. 
  • They are  available in three different grades: 
  1. Light Duty -1.5mm Thick, 200m Long
  2. Medium Duty - 2.5mm Thick, 120m Long
  3. Heavy Duty - 4mm Thick, 75m Long

    Brand Applewade
    Availability Usually in Stock
    Dimensions 1000mm Wide

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