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1000 x 35 x 35 x 3mm Corrugated Edge Protectors (50 Pack)

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These are low cost corrugated edge and corner protection for products in storage or transit

Ideal for use in industry to protect, stabilise and reinforce palletised loads during transit and storage, these protectors are flexible and economical, and used to provide additional edge and corner protection inside and outside of cartons, to furniture, around picture frames, artwork and a multitude of other applications.

Our corrugated protectors are made from compressed recycled cardboard,to provide an economical and environmentally friendly method of improving stability, reducing stretch film damage and protecting goods from accidental corner and edge impact.

We stock some of the most popular size cardboard edge guards, however, we could make them available to you in a number of different sizes.

Brand Applewade
Availability Approximate 48 Hrs

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